Switch Willo is an English stable, with an emphasis on the Hunter/Jumper rider. Children and adults are welcome in our riding program where we offer lessons suitable for all abilities. From learning the absolute basics to the advanced English rider refining their skills, one will feel at home at Switch Willo.

Switch Willo Stables has many highly qualified instructors who have been teaching with us from five to twenty-five years. We offer small group, semi-private, and private lessons by the month only, with a 2 month minimum commitment to start. Horses are also available for lease or half-lease on a monthly basis through the lesson program. (We do NOT offer horse rentals or trail rides.


Lesson Policy

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Liability Release Form

Lesson Pricing and Sign Up

Lessons are available and payable on a monthly basis. You may take more than one lesson a week, or riders may make arrangements to lease or half-lease a horse, subject to availability. The following prices are effective June 1, 2015.

A valid credit card is required in order to enroll in our lesson program. Balances unpaid before the 30th of the month will be billed to the credit card with a $25.00 processing fee.

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Horse Shows:

Students may use lesson horses to attend local horse shows. Switch Willo Stables has horses suitable from beginner to experienced riders. Switch Willo Stables will transport the horse and lend horse equipment. Attending horse shows is an excellent way to improve riding skills, and students are encouraged to attend shows. Please discuss your horse show goals with your instructor. Here is the local CTHJA show schedule.


Make-up Lesson Policy:

Call Colleen (512-920-2276) to schedule any and all make-ups
• Make-ups are by appointment only
• Scheduled make-up lessons which are missed will be forfeited
• Make-up lessons are to be taken within 30 days of the absence, no refunds or credit
• One make-up per month is allowed and must be taken w/in 30 days except if special permission is granted.

Bad Weather Policy:

In bad weather, instructors will conduct barn lessons. These lessons will cover many areas of horse care and horsemanship that are not covered during normal riding lessons. Barn lessons are mandatory. If a student refuses to attend a barn lesson, the rider will forfeit any make-up without refund or credit. Click here to download the full information packet.



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Private Lessons:

Semi-Private lessons:

45 minutes – 1 hour, two riders:

$325/month -- $325 deposit

Private lessons:

30 minutes, 1 rider:

$375/month -- $375 deposit

Individual privates may be scheduled in addition to a students’ regular weekly lessons - $75/private

Partial Lease of lesson horse -

$150/month -- Lesson cost

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Group Lessons:

One hour, up to eight riders - $250/month + $250 deposit

Limited group lessons:

one hour, 3 to 5 riders - $275/month + $275 deposit

Mini Limited group lessons:

45 minutes, maximum 3 riders - $350/month + $350 deposit

For more information contact:

Colleen Goodman

Lesson Program Director

512-920-BARN ( 2276 )

If you have any questions regarding the Lesson Program - Please give us a call and/or fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as we can!