1. Choose quantity and click * Sign Up * button for the desired week.

  2. CHOOSE SHIRT SIZE and then choose morning or after care if desired

  3. Move to Category 2 by clicking NEXT under shirt sizes or click under Name

  4. Fill out Form

  5. Add Vaccination File or mail at least 1 week before start of camp

  6. Choose * Pay Now * you will be directed to PayPal

  7. After making a Payment on PayPal, you will be redirected to this page with confirmation information displayed

  8. If multiple weeks are wanted, click the “Schedule another appointment” link at the bottom of the confirmation page. Repeat steps

  9. Finally, click the link titled * Welcome to Camp Switch Willo * for information regarding how to prepare your child and the items that will be needed for camp

  10. * Optional * Register for account with Switch Willo to easily find out what classes you have scheduled or to assist with signing up for multiple weeks of camp